Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Update- trip to orthopedic dr

Well, we got to go see the the pediatric orthopedic doctor over at Mass General Hospital this morning, and they took a closer look at Amy's x-ray, and her arm is a bit more broken than the ER thought yesterday, and is much closer to the growth plate than they like to see, so she is now the proud owner of a nifty blue waterproof cast (Just on her forearm- she got to pick the color) it has some special fiber on the inside that is ok to get wet, we just have to dry it as best we can and if it gets soapy, run water down the inside of the cast to rinse it! No messing with plastic bags trying to keep it dry in the shower!

We also got to negotiate the public transportation system for the first time, which was a bit daunting for me, though it turned out fine, a trip from the hospital on the red line "T" (Subway?) and a transfer to the Framingham commuter train for a 45 minute ride back to natick, then a 10 minute taxi ride home. There is no public transportation system here in Wellesley, so anywhere I need to go has to be by taxi or asking for rides (which I hate doing!)

Quick ER Trip

Well, we decided to get Amy's bike out of the basement yesterday since the weather has warmed up! She was having a great time riding up and down our cul de sac, until that last turn, and she lost her balance, falling over onto her arm! She was wearing her helmet, but there are no scratches on it, so I don't think she hit her head, though she did manage a lovely bruise on her left knee, and skinned up a couple other places.

She was able to move her arm, but she said it hurt real bad, and was shooting up into her shoulder, and was kind of numb. She is the type of kid that usually brushes off pain and keeps going, so after half an hour with an ice pack on it, and she said it hurt as bad as ever, I called her dr, who said to take her to the ER- turned out to be a good call- she does have a small buckle fracture of her left radius, near her wrist. The dr there said it is good that she is young, and her bones still kinda flexible, her arm kind of just bent like a young sapling tree instead of breaking all the way through. They put her in a splint and we are to follow up with the orthopedic dr later this week. She can move her wrist and arm fine, just has to be careful of it, they said normally with a break like this, they don't bother to cast it, but they do want to protect it, because if she were to fall on it again, it could easily break the rest of the way.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Patriot's Day Celebrations

Here in Massachusetts Patriots Day is a big deal. We decided to join in, and Mark took the day off work- we got up at 3:30 am and got to Lexington by 5:00 am- it was packed! We will have to get there earlier next year! They have a big reenactment of the battle that started the Revolutionary War, on Lexington Green. What a sight it was (for those who could see!) Amy spent the time on Mark's shoulders, but there were som nay people, Mark and I could not really see much of the battle- We did let Amy use the video camera and film it, but we haven't watched it yet. We ended up staying out there the whole day, going to various activities, chatting with the soldiers, watching memorial ceremonies. It is so full of history, and the reenactment took place on the exact spot the actual battle took place 233 years ago! They also had a parade that we watched, and ended up not getting home till almose 5pm. Here are just a few pictures we took- Amy insisted on one with the Texas flag- she was born there, and seems to really take pride in that fact, even though she was only 18 months old when we left!

She got a new wooden musket at the gift shop, and spent a lot of time "shooting" the redcoats!
Amy Especially liked seeing Paul Revere when he arrived to Warn us that the Redcoats were coming! Of course that probably had a lot to do with the fact that she loves horses!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

12 Week Checkup

Went for our 12 week check up with the midwife on Tuesday- she tried to hear the heartbeat with the doppler, but couldn't get the baby to cooperate, though we could hear him or her kick the doppler! She decided to take a quick peek with the ultrasound, just for reassurance, so I got to see the little one again! It is amazing how the baby has changed in just a week and a half. At this appt, I was 12w4d by my dates (only 12 w by theirs) but the baby measured 13 weeks even! S/he is 2.75" long, and heartrate was 153. Wasn't as active as last time, but we got a profile view of him or her lounging with one arm tucked behind the head, the other up, with thumb ready to stick into his or her mouth! The other picture the baby is looking straight at you, head is on the right, arm is up by the head- you can see the mouth, nose and eyes!

This is for Papa!

A picture of Amy and her "Bonsai Potato"

A Blanket for Daddy!

OK, this was supposed to be Mark's 10th Anniversary present from me- I started an afghan for him in Dec of 06, thinking I could have it done by our anniversary in Jan 07 (What was I thinking?!?)

As a kid, Mark loved playing war games like Squad Leader and stuff, so this afghan consists of over 1,000 tiny hexagons, put together to resemble a game board from one of those games. Of course, we passed out 11th anniversary in January, and it is still not done- now I have promised him I will not make anything for the baby until his blanket is done! Talk about motivation- it is now 2/3 put together, and all of the hex's are finished! Amy is helping too, now that she is a compitant crocheter.