Thursday, January 29, 2009

He's rolling along!

Justin is officially a roller! He was already rolling fron front to back, but today he was laying on his back on the floor- I was in the other room working, and came in to check on him- he had rolled over to his tummy. I flipped him back to his back, and he promptly rolled to his tummy again!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Still here having fun!

Amy's home from school today, we're supposed to get 4-6" before it changes over to sleet and ices everything over. We are going to get her room organized today- we had her closet redonne with the Elfa shelving on Friday.

On Sunday, Mark, Amy, Justin and I all went out to Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse to celebrate Mark's and my anniversary- I can't believe we have been married 12 years- the time sure does fly!

Yesterday I got to have fun at the dentist- I have one molar that has bothered me for a few years, and had it worked on several times, and finally went to an endodontist and did a root canal.

Still having fun testing diapers- one in particular has emerged as my favorite- the Drybees AIO Hybrid, though the velcro tends to detach from the laundry tabs in the wash. I also like the LoveyBums. I am trying 2 different ones- a cotton sherpa and an organic cotton fitted, and one of their wool jersey covers.

The great thing abot the trial program is I get to return the ones I don't like- for any reason, even though they are used. I only have to buy the ones I want.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fun in Fluff Land!

Today Mark drove me over to a store in Somerville (near Boston) called Diaper Lab. Oh, What fun for a mom like me- all the cloth diapers I have only read about online, but have never gotten to touch- all in one place! I got to bring home 8 different ones to experiment with for 2 weeks- I can hardly wait for that next dirty diaper!

Justin is working on rolling over- he already figured out the front to back- now he's working on going the other way. He's about 14 pounds now, and is the king of catnaps!

Friday, January 16, 2009

The end of an Era...

that predates even me...1989 Mark bought himself a new car- many of you have seen it- it's been around the block quite a few times by now- that good ol' white Probe- He picked me up for our first date in it, numerous road trips- we've even camped in it- reclining the seeats as far as they would go and camping at a park after a long day of driving. It has traversed the west coast up and down, been with us in Texas (where we brought Amy home from the hospital in it- I tell you it is not easy to get a carseat in and out of a 2 door car!) and back to California- his rugged little commuter "sports" car- and then across the country here to Massachusetts. It never gave us any major problems, and ran pretty darn good as long as you fed it enough oil.

Last night as we drove it onto the car lot, the odometer flipped over to 157,777 miles- it was built Ford tough, alright!

Last night we said goodbye, and brought home a new commuter car- a new 2009 Mercury Milan- "Vivid Red" with all the bells and whistles Mark wished he had opted for with the Probe almost 20 years ago. It also fills all my requirements- which were pretty simple really- 4 doors instead of 2! It was cute watching him smile as he drove off to work this morning.


Ok, it's a bit cold outside this morning! I just looked it up on it is -6 outside! Looking out the window from in here where it is nice and warm, though, the snow is beautiful-the sky is clear and the sun is shining, making it appear as if God went to work with a huge shaker full of that white irridescent sparkly glitter!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

More pictures of Justin

This is for Gramma and Grampa and Papa!

A few pictures- he is 3 months old today- I can't believe it! I got him a Bumbo yesterday- he seems to realy like it- he is not the kind of baby that likes to take life lying down at all (except for that last picture- sleeping!

I'm Back!

OK, actually we've been back for 10 days, but Amy got hit with a stomach bug, and as soon as she finished withit, decided to pass it on to me- I finally felt mostly normal yesterday, and luckily it seems Mark and Justin didn't get it.

Our trip was great- it was so much fun to reconnect with family and friends- we crammed so much into the 2 weeks we were gone. I want to thank all those who put us up, or put up with us!
I have tons of pictures, and will try to post some of them. On the 20th, we drove up to Manchester, NH and stayed in a hotel overnight- then got on the airplane... (to make a long story short, we *only* had about 12 hours of flight delays) and arrived in Las Vegas shortly after midnight on the 22nd. A short stay at the Excaliber, and we met Mark's friend from high school (Hi, Lisa! It was great meeting you- can't wait till you, Prior and the boys fly out here to visit!) for breakfast at Rainforest Cafe, then drove to Ridgecrest to Mark's Parent's house. Spent Justin's first Christmas with them, and then headed down to San Diego, Where we caught up with friends and attended church at good ol' Mapleview. More visiting with friends, then a trip to La Jolla- up to Mt Soledad to pay our respects at the cross and take in the view. Of course, Mark had to fit in a trip to his favorite electronics store- Fry's. A quick jaunt up the coast to Dana Point where we met Mark's brother Francis for lunch and a visit to San Juan Capistrano Mission. Heading further north(maybe not north- I'm terrible with maps!) To visit Uncle Walter and Aunt Margaret, and the cousins in Yorba Linda. Next day, headed back to Ridgecrest, for some unwinding, more visiting, and then drove back to Las Vegas, met Lisa and family for Brunch, and saw the Shark reef aquarium then off to the airport for the trip home!