Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Picture of the Baby!

Went today for an ultrasound just to make sure everything is going ok- I had a little bleeding yesterday, so we wanted to take a quick peek!

Turns out everything is fine- the baby is measuring 4.3 cm now, and the heart rate was a strong 171! Boy was he/she moving around a lot- dancing all over the place, had all the arms and legs stretched out and was bending back and forth at the waist! It was hard to imagine that much movement, and I can't feel a thing yet!

Easter Pictures

Here are a couple from Easter- we drove up to New Hampshire and visited with Mark's friend Eric- He still has tons of snow, and Amy and Mark had a blast sledding on Eric's huge hill- unfortunately I neglected to take any pictures of that!

Birthday Pictures!

Sorry they took me so long to get up! You can't see them all in the pictures, but there were 14 girls there, 10 that stayed over!
It was great that Amy's Gramma sent her cake decorating stuff for her birthday- I can't seem to locate any of my supplies! I love moving!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


OK, I promised pictures, but I haven't been feeling that great, and honestly just didn't feel like messing with it!

Still not feeling great, but seems to be getting better- I love morning sickness! When I was pregnant with Amy, I had only a light touch of it between weeks 8 and 10, then it went away- this time around it started before week 5, and is still sticking around, all day!

Mark took me shopping for maternity clothes, since I was down to 1 pair of "fat" jeans from like 20-30 pounds ago! I am so much more comfortable- I know it is not really the baby sticking out yet, but it is pushing everything else up and out- being very short waisted (I have less than a finger width between my hip bone and my ribs!) there is nowhere for it to go but out!

Went to my first official visit with the group of midwives, and it was great! I met 2 of them (out of 4) and they spent over an hour chatting, and did an exam. They said there is no reason for me not to plan for a VBAC, and they and the drs that back them up all discourage epidurals, and prefer not to induce. This really makes me happy, since I want to have a natural birth this time around!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Amy had her first sleepover last night, what an experience that was! Amy loved it of course, there were 13 girls including her, but 3 had to go home at bedtime, so 10 stayed over. It was pretty wild- they all stayed up late, had a good pillow fight, makeovers, and pretty much did what they want (within reason) I even discovered in the morning they had raided the fridge- but didn't touch the soda, but did drink every bottle of water I had! Go figure! I did come out and told them they had to be in bed by midnight, and they complied, though took awhile to get to sleep- a couple chose to go earlier, though. It was a learning experience for me, in that I learned that I probably don't want to ever have another one- at least not with that many girls!
I will post some pictures in a few days, as we are waiting for them to be picked up, and then we are headed to the airport for a funeral in Virginia.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Amy's Birthday!

Amy woke up bright and early Sunday morning, and couldn't wait any longer to open all the presents sent by Gramma & Grampa & Uncle David- She loves to cook, and they sent her all kinds of grown up baking implements- even a nice cupcake decorating set, and a new apron, made by Gramma! It is covered with birds- and she loves it! She made cupcakes to take to her class this morning, and decorated them herself! All the kids loved them!