Wednesday, November 26, 2008

First Place!

Amy has been working hard the last couple months on her invention for her school's Invention Convention. Yesterday was the judging, and she won 1st Place for "Best Use of the Design process"! Her invention is called RadiationX- it is an "over the head cell phone radiation deflector"- and we are proud to report that it really does work! Here is a picture of her demonstrating it to the crowd!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One day at a time...

Amazing how fast time slips by, even though the day sometimes seems to drag... I can't believe Justin will be a month old on Saturday! I will try to get some pictures posted. All in all, we are doing pretty well, one day at a time...

Nursing is still going ok- he loves to stretch it out into an hour long nursing session, then lay on my chest and cuddle until he is hungry again (lather, rinse, repeat...) Of course that is his ideal day... he does get put down, and has on a few occasions surprised us by sleeping an entire hour or 2 in one stretch. I usually spend that time running around trying to get at least 1 load of laundry done, and the dishes and some basic straightening up- anything I don't like to do with a baby attached to the front of me! At least I know it does him good- he is up over 9 pounds now- we will find out his exact weight on Monday at his checkup. He has also grown over an inch and a half. We pulled out pictures of Amy at this age, and they are practically identical!

We though Amy was a cuddler when she was tiny, boy, Justin beats her by a long shot! Also, it seems like everything we used with her he doesn't care for- though he will sit in his swing for a short time, but doesn't want it to actually swing, or play music, etc- and Amy loved being carried in the sling- and I could get things done because my arms were free. Justin hates being confined- so no sling, no swaddling, etc- he just screams! Amy hated being even the least bit cold- Justin is the total opposite- even the slightest bit too warm, and he cries. For him too warm can be a long sleeve onsie- and no socks!

OK, well, that is about all the time I have- guess who is calling!