Friday, February 29, 2008

First Baby Picture!

I went for my first ultrasound today! We got to see the baby, and the heart beating, good and strong! He/she measures by u/s at 6w3d, even though by my calculations I am 7w- they said it is not uncommon to be off a few days, because I might have ovulated a bit later than I thought, and also the u/s may not be in the exact right position, to see the whole length of the baby, and every baby is different. Anyway, here are the pictures, even though it is a bit fuzzy, the baby's bottom is near the point of the teardrop shape, with the head on the opposite end (of course!) The little blod kind of below the baby is the yolk sac. It was so amazing to see, and really made it "real"

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunset Picture

I wanted to share the beautiful picture God painted for us the other night! The sunset the other night was spectacular! The photo doesn't truely do it justice, but at least you can get an idea. It's the photo posted at the top of the page.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Amy picture

This is Amy's favorite school uniform. She loves to pose for photos!

Exciting news!

We're expecting! Amy is tremendously excited that she will finally get to be a big sister- Mark and I have been trying to have anohter baby for 8 years. I have been through numerous fertility treatments, due to PCOS, and had surgery a few years ago to unblock my tubes. We were on the verge of starting in vitro, my first appointment was next week. Last Monday, I started having symptoms but decided it was all in my head (been there, done that before!) Since they had not gone away, and AF was a week overdue, I picked up some tests at Target on Saturday while I was there, and did one as soon as I got home- Goodness was I shocked to see the positive line show up thick and dark right away! I repeated the test Sunday morning just to be sure, and got the same result- I hope to get a drs confirmation this week- but it is pretty hard to dispute the symptoms I have along with 2 positive tests!


Welcome to my new blog- I hope to keep it updated and not too mundane.If you know someone who knows me, and wants to know how we are doing, please feel free to pass along the link!