Thursday, July 9, 2009

We're still here...

Just hanging out! Summer has been really rainy so far, Justin is getting big- took his first solo steps yesterday! He has 4 teeth, and another looking to pop through any time. He waves hello and bye, says Mama, Dada, Ah Du (all done), loves to help unload thedishwasher, take outthe recycling, and empty my purse, and play peeka boo.

Amy is off at summer camp. She is at Camp Marshall, a 4H camp, doing their "Saddle up" program, where she learns all about horses, including riding and taking care of one. They get to do regular summer camp type things like swimming, arts and crafts, ect. We go pick her up tomorrow- she's been gone a week!

Mark and I are doing well, I have lost all the weight I put on while pregnant w/ Justin (Yeah!).
And since I have been asked, yes, we are hoping for another sooner rather than later!

We bought Justin his first car recently- a classic, American-made red coupe!

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